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Service and Repair

Our trusted technicians will solve your computer troubles. Simply call us to select an appointment time to fit your schedule. We offer same-day service (time permitting).

Preventative Maintenance

You wouldn't drive a car for years without changing the oil, so why ignore your computer? Like any investment, your computer needs constant care-, which means keeping it dust-free.
When was the last time your PC had a thorough cleaning? If it's been more than 6 months, it's time to schedule a Preventative Maintenance visit.

Custom Built PCs

Do you need a new computer, but are tired of pushy salespeople and their confusing technical jargon? Or do you want a computer that has specific hardware and software that is fit for your needs? Then let us custom-build a system just for you. Whether a high tech top of the line gaming system, or just a pc for email and internet browsing, see us first.


Is your computer several years old? Are you seeking to buy new high tech games and realize that you don't have what it takes to play them? Is it slow to boot up? Are you running out of storage space? We can breathe new life into your PC by upgrading some of its key components. Even if your system is fairly new, you may need a few enhancements to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files, or video games. Have questions about whether or not you should upgrade your hardware? Call us! 606 796-9560

Virus Detection and Removal

Does it seem like there's a gremlin inside your computer? It could be a virus. No matter what kind of PC you have, you need the latest antivirus software. Not only do antivirus programs protect your computer's filesfrom damage, but they also prevent you from accidentally passing viruses to other computers when you send emails or share files. If you're unsure about which virus software to install or how to configure it, just ask our experts.

Web Domain and Ftp sites

Need a Web or FTP site for your personal? For as little as $9.95 per month, we can host your site and provide you with email accounts. We offer a variety of web packages to fit your personal needs. Call us today!