Dell Business PCs:

ZBM-ServersWhen shopping for a new computer, be sure to get a quote from TOTL Computing for a custom built Dell Business system. The benefits of buying a custom system are many.

No pushy sales people to confuse you in deciding which system is best for you.

We will consult with you in finding the system that best suits your need. 

You can get exactly what you want without having to choose from a limited number or floor models.

We will explain what each component option does, and or why it’s needed with your purchase.

Once your computer is ordered and received at our location, our technicians will set up the initial phase of your new computer, download all patches and extra software, and check the system for any damages or malfunctions before you pick it up, all at no extra charge.

We will even home deliver and set up your new system if you need us to, at a reasonable charge.

Dell Netbooks


During the warranty period of your new machine, TOTL Computing is here to help you with all of your questions in operating your new system.  We are also here to help you with warranty and repair issues, if any arise during the warranty period, all at no charge to you whatsoever. 



You may also want to purchase our TOTL Care Package along with your new system, which includes some added services such as scheduled maintenance, data backup, and other services.